Today post we will talk about automation app using Tasker for your smartphone and learn how to configure and create one profile. For the next post, we will split this curse by chapters.

Start with action

  • Download Tasker from Android store. you can pay for a licensed version for this app.
  • Better to root your smartphone to maximize its ability.

Settings you have to configure in Tasker. Go to menu > preferences.

  • Deactivate beginner mode in tab UI.
  • Activate Local Auto-Backup Max Age, Allow External Access in tab MISC.
  • Deactivate Run In Foreground in tab MONITOR to hide from your notification bar otherwise leave it if you what to display Tasker in your notification.

So, this is what it is. your phone is getting smart that other smartphone. The next step is to create and brainstorming your profile. Next post we will try to create a simple profile to know how it work and why it happens.