Last night in accidently I find a very cool website, maybe an amazing website. First, I never intend to find such a web but it was beginning by Bitcoin API. Been searching for what Public API for Yobit market and they show up BOT C.A.T (Cryptocurrency Auto Trading). It is a trading platform that performs auto Ping and Pong trading (they called) but the price is also amazing, 0.5 BTC it’s about 3 million rupiahs.

In flash, something happens in my head. I am thinking about how to find such a Bot to make Bitcoin profit and that is very cool if I have one. Every web on every category with no result. It is not easy to find something that has a price like this tool, but I really have one. You know Bitcoin is very promised in the future but it’s not easy to make some big money in your pocket.

In a moment, I find an interesting web that has potential to explore more and more. It has every tip and unique tools. My mind is going wild that time, I am thinking the possibility to make money with it. Yes, to be honest, every one of you needs a money to make happy life in your own way.

So for the next 2 or 3 days, I want to explore all possibility on that web. This is not easy and maybe take some time to figure out what it is or what is that and how to use it. This web is about the internet security.