This Profile describes how to create a notification to update the stock market when you not in front of a computer. To make this profile you need Tasker app for Android and Autonotification plugin.

Here is how to get data from API:

  • Get your URL API

You need an URL API, it looks like HTTPS://trader_web/api.  Define your API URL in JSON Read with this URL. also you need a key and secret code to authorize permission.

  • Get specific child and save to a variable you like

The output usually a JSON format and the trading API  have some child and one root. You can get its data using %child with JSON Read to get the specific information you need.

  • Create if statement

When you get its data and save to a variable you can use its data to manipulate some logic as you desire. I can use this variable to make logic when price change whether less than or greater than the last price and save to a variable to make a sound or anything you want.

  • Play sound

The final task is to warm me with sound. If the price is more or less than the current price it can send an alarm to us to make next decision what should we do when a price is up or down.