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Tasker Chapter 1 : Install dan Konfigurasi — 5 June, 2017

Tasker Chapter 1 : Install dan Konfigurasi

Today post we will talk about automation app using Tasker for your smartphone and learn how to configure and create one profile. For the next post, we will split this curse by chapters.

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Hola For Everyone — 22 February, 2017

Hola For Everyone

Hola, the break blocker. an amazing browser extension to fulfill your desire for something you want to hide from other peoples. It can use for positive or you can use it for negative things, it depends on you. So what is Hola? Continue reading

I am going wild —

I am going wild

Last night in accidently I find a very cool website, maybe an amazing website. First, I never intend to find such a web but it was beginning by Bitcoin API. Been searching for what Public API for Yobit market and they show up BOT C.A.T (Cryptocurrency Auto Trading). It is a trading platform that performs auto Ping and Pong trading (they called) but the price is also amazing, 0.5 BTC it’s about 3 million rupiahs. Continue reading

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